Sibling Discount: Siblings get 10% off total class cost.

Tuition Savings:  Pay 10 months up front with cash or check and save 10% or pay 5 months upfront with cash or check and save 5%.
You must call and speak with Veronica at 479-926-0784 to receive this discount.

Referral Program: Refer us to your friends, get $10.00 off one month’s tuition.

Monthly Price List

1/2 $40
1 $50
1 1/2 $60
2 $70
2 1/2 $80
3 $90



 Tuition and Fees Information

  • There is a yearly registration fee due before your child’s first class. Monthly payments should be made before the first of the month. You will not receive a bill.
  • If you do not pay by the end of the month the student will be asked to observe rather than participate until your account is paid in full.  Lack of payment will result in dismissal from classes so a paying student can have the spot.
  • If paying with cash or check, please place it in the payment box.  If you pay with cash please put the payment in an envelope with the child’s name, the date, and the amount enclosed on the outside. A $35 service charge will be charged for all returned checks. All fees are non-refundable.
  • Fees are charged by the month not the class. A make-up will be scheduled in the event that the teacher was unable to be there for the regularly scheduled class.
  • During the fall, if your child plans to participate in the recital, you will be required to purchase a costume that is chosen by the teaching staff. The cost is $65.00 for each costume (this includes tights)  and is due no later than January 1st.
  • If your child is not going to be in the recital please notify us before November 1st.
  • During the spring you will be notified of other items you will be required to purchase for the recital such as specific color of ballet shoes, specific hip hop shoes and any extras that may be needed for you child’s particular dance.
  • Every dancer that is in the recital (except pre-dance and beginning ballet students) will also be required to purchase a recital T-shirt for the opening number of the recital. The cost of the recital T-shirt is $15 and is due on or before March 10th.
  • There is a $25 per family recital fee due no later than March 1st.


Shining Stars Dance School

6421 Hwy 271 South, Fort Smith, AR 72908

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